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Morgantown Running
Bridgeport Running

Your favorite running store just got better.


When you come to Morgantown Running or Bridgeport Running for shoes, we will perform a gait analysis on your feet and stride to find the best shoes for you! Here's how it works:

1. We will ask you to take off your shoes, so that we can look at your feet, both sitting and standing.

2. After the static evaluation, we'll want to get you moving and watch what goes on as you walk/run. We will have you hop on the treadmill to analyze your gait.

3. At this time we will be able to watch you walk and jog, and then explain to you what is going on with your gait. We'll be looking to see if you have a neutral stride or over-pronate slightly, moderately, or severely.

4. That's it! We will walk you over to the shoe wall to explain which types of shoes will fit your feet the best.

The gait analysis is free with a purchase of a pair of shoes. Otherwise it is $10. No appointment is needed and any of our staff can assist you with an analysis. Customers are encouraged to bring their current shoes with them and a pair of socks.


From runner to runner, our store is here to help you find exactly what you need. The reason we carry the products that we do? We use them too! As Morgantown and Bridgeport's only specialty running stores, we are here to offer you the best shoes and gear to fit your running needs.


Our enthusiastic and well-trained staff is available to assist you no matter the type of walker or runner you are. As a local business, we offer you unmatched service and attention. The best part? It doesn't cost more!  Sometimes "specialty store" gets equated with higher prices. This isn't true at Morgantown Running and Bridgeport Running because we don't mark our prices up, and we even price match! We hope you choose to shop locally.

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